Every child needs a safe home.

Pathways to Home program provides housing stability services empowering families with children to regain permanent housing, with dignity. Since 2009, Pathways to Home program helps families experiencing, or at-risk of, homelessness quickly connect to housing and services, and then work to attain sustainable independence.

Without adequate support, a financial, medical or other crisis can lead to the loss of housing for families struggling to make ends meet. This means children in Central Florida are living with their families in motels, in cars, and even sleeping in the street.
We can change that. Pathways to Home brings long-term stability for the entire family, with childrens’ needs at the forefront. This year, 120 homeless families with children will build new lives with the support of the Pathways to Home program.


We believe families willing to work toward their own advancement can build upon their strengths to achieve their goals, thereby providing their a safe, stable and loving home while keeping their family intact.

Our team guides homeless and precariously housed parents on a path to develop resiliency, while gaining housing and financial independence. Key program components include intensive case management, financial literacy, employment skills training, supportive network building, and targeted direct financial assistance.

We work collaboratively with other nonprofit agencies, religious congregations, businesses, civic organizations, and individuals committed to solving child homelessness in Orange, Osceola and Seminole counties. Together, we help vulnerable children grow up supported and protected by their community.